Current status of the game

First things first, this project is not dead! It's very much alive and I'm committed to finishing it as soon as possible.

I have gotten most of the game done by now, with all text inserted into it (which is around 100k words in total, I recall) and majority of the sprites & assets done. I'm at the stage where I'll have to go through the text one last time before I give it to my beta testers, and with the exception of certain UI assets, a couple of NPC sprites and the CGs the game is more or less done.


Because of all the problems I had with the game's original engine (Tyranobuilder) and its NFT supporting developers, I have had to make the decision to move the game from Tyrano to Ren'Py. This is not a quick process and I have to learn the ropes of Ren'Py, which is why I'm currently putting Sinfonia on a pause to make a small test VN using Ren'Py. This is mainly because I want to make sure I know exactly what I'm doing when I export the game to Ren'Py, and using the same structure as Sinfonia but with much less content will help me to ensure there won't be any major roadblocks in Sinfonia's development.

I'd like to thank everyone who has been supporting me all this time & played my demo, I'm incredibly grateful and flattered by all the kind words of people and hope to deliver a game I feel confident and good about. The last few years have been incredibly demanding for my physical health, but I'm finally (hopefully) starting to get better. 

Get Sinfonia [demo]


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Thank you for moving the game to Ren'py, this is great news. Please take your time and I wish you luck!

played the demo and was scared the game was dead 

phew can't wait!!

good luck!

I'm so happy to hear that!! And very excited to eventually release the final game; it's honestly been "finished" in terms of the actual story text since 2018 already so there is no way I'm giving up on it now haha !

I'm glad the game is still running.

I'll wait as long as it takes<3

Don't give up, you can, you are the best!!!

Thank you, your comment means me a lot ;_; < 3